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Please help me translate these emotions.

Posted by xiaophil January 10, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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Do you ever feel like you can only express your feelings with two or three words?  I sometimes feel that way.  I think some of you might find it useful to have a list of examples all in one spot, so I figure we can do just that here together.  Please help me translate the sentences below.  I tried to put easier ones towards the top and harder ones toward the bottom.  Words in the parentheses are just to help give context, so there is no need to translate those parts unless you want to.   Feel free to translate as few or as many as your want.  Alternative translations would be useful.  Also, add other emotions if you want.  (Twenty seemed like a good number so I stopped there.)  Assuming this generates enough interest, I will compile a list of translations later.  谢谢!

1.       I'm annoyed.

2.       I'm sad.

3.       I'm happy.

4.       I'm angry/ticked off.

5.       I'm excited (about my upcoming trip to Paris).

6.       I feel anxious.

7.       I feel nervous.

8.       I feel regret.

9.       I'm in a bad mood today.

10.   There is bad blood between him and his boss.

11.   I'm feeling a bit blue today (because of the rain).

12.   She's bitter (about the years of mistreatment from the government).

13.   I'm on cloud 9 (because I finally found a decent job).

14.   I'm deeply offended (by what she said about my sister).

15.   I feel numb (because I have been treated so poorly for so long I cannot feel anything).

16.   I'm deeply depressed (about the break-up of my marriage).

17.   I'm indifferent (about either choice).

18.   I'm totally out of it today (i.e. I feel like I can't think well, my brain is not functioning well).

19.   I'm stressed out (because I have too much homework).

20.   I feel off today (I have a strange feeling that perhaps is hard to describe).



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