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skritter and radicals

Posted by bababardwan January 19, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I love skritter and embraced it when it first married up with CPod.However,I must admit,like all new toys I ended up neglecting it after a while.I think the main reason for this was because my writing level[newbie] was and still is completely out of sync with my listening level [roughly intermediate] and so I didn't use skritter on the lessons I was studying as I went.What I think I need to do is organise my vocab tab well and try and catch up from there.I was using it yesterday and rediscovering how cool it is all over again.The thing I find missing though ,for me,is having a radical set.This year I'd really love to nail the radicals and I think if I  could learn these it would really help learning to write and using skritter both easier and more enjoyable.After all the radicals are the first building blocks.Sorry if this is already possible,but how about we have the 214 radicals made into a set and available to use in our vocab tab both for flashcards and for skritter?

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