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Getting mixed up with adj/verbs/nouns

Posted by jloo January 25, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey, I wasn't too sure where I could write this so I thought this community section was the best bit. I was just wondering how you guys deal with the issue of whether the vocab (for eg the vocab that you save in your vocab, away from the dialogue) remember/recognise if it is a adj/noun/verb etc... I constantly have problems in using adjectives as verbs and nouns as verbs 等等。I did give a suggestion a while back if one of chinesepods future modifications could include a small section, like next to the word descriptions saying adj/v/n/adv but no changes have been made yet. Is there any chance you may be able to do this for lessons in the future chinesepod?

The hardest is when I look over old vocab I have saved from months ago, and then I try and use the new words but my teacher tells me off for using them wrongly. Hope it won't be too much of a big deal, it would be soo helpful.


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