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Vocab section?

Posted by gesang February 5, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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I was lately wondering about the features of the vocab section... I have to admit I never used it that much as I normally study vocab with pleco or - with pen and paper:)...

But why are we able to read every time we open the homepage that user... created a vocab set...

Great she/he did, but where is the use for others to know? I checked through some users profile..only on one profile I was able to find a vocab set above his groups list, but when I clicked it it was empty. 

Same as once I read user... shared a vocab set, but when I clicked his profile I didn't see it.

Then I went to my vocab section looking for the feature to share one of my vocab sets, but I was not able to find...

As there is this "Latest Study Activity" list where I can see people creating vocab sets, I thought it must be possible to access them...like I see somebody created a set 'travel' and I think, -"Great, this is a topic I would love to brush up my vocab on...I am going to study her/his collection of words".

Am I right and just not able to find out how?

How can I share vocab sets?


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