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Happy 600th Episode, ChinesePod! 恭喜恭喜!

Posted by rich August 6, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Just want to congratulate ChinesePod on now having 600 episodes!  (although I'm still trying to figure out where lesson #339 is, supposedly an advanced lesson no longer on here, and of course #350 "Hi Bob" wasn't actually a lesson)

Wow, that's like 150 HOURS at the least if each episode averaged 15 min (and I think the average is higher) plus the QingWen and all the Saturday Shows, Word on the Street, etc. to boot.  Congrats, and thanks!  

And now the 600th episode is on DVDs... what an interesting topic, even though I think the Pirated DVD episode is better in my book. :)  The new Simpson Movie had me laugh when Bart wrote on the chalkboard in the opening "I will not illegally download this movie."  (but he didn't say "I won't buy a pirated version of this movie in China", right?)

Keep up the good work, Jenny, Ken, John, Amber, 肖霞 and all the rest at CPod... you're the best!  We look forward to many many more creative episodes to keep our Chinese learning on it's feet.




 P.S.  Better get a 1-600 or at least a 501-600 lesson torrent file out for all our new poddies.


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