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Remembering Simplified Hanzi (James W. Heisig) VS. Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters (Matthews)

Posted by ouyangjun116 February 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hello Everyone,


I'm hoping we can have a discussion on the difference and advantages between the two learning methods presented in:

James W. Heisig's, "Remembering Simplified Hanzi Book 1: How not to forget the meaning of Chinese Characters"


Matthews & Matthews, "Tuttle:  Learning Chinese Characters Volume 1"


Other than the obvious, which is that Heisig's book covers 1,000 characters while the Tuttle book covers 800, what are the advantages and disadvantages to both?  Which book is better in regards to being effective in remembering the Chinese characters?


I am currently using the Tuttle book, but have never used Heisig's book.  I'm looking to get peoples opinion about the difference between the two methods (are they the same method or are they different)?


Also looking for opinions on which is better.





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