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Confucius 2010 film with Chow Yun-fat

Posted by bababardwan February 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I note a film made in Mandarin on the life of Confucius was released in Beijing on January 14 and stars Chow Yun-fat.The timing was interesting because it has caused Hollywood's Avatar to be pulled from 1600 2d screens across China and has not been as popular.The controversies referred to in this wikipedia article:


...I thought particularly surrounding the choice of Chow Yun-fat and the concern his association with martial arts movies would turn Confucius into a kung fu hero,[and also the concern over him being more of a Cantonese speaker],and a descendant of Confucius has come out of the woodwork to bring a lawsuit against the film makers "objecting to the intimations that Confucius was romantically attracted to the concubine, Nanzi"

Has anybody seen this movie yet?

Interesting that we had a recent Advanced lesson on Confucius...I don't recall anyone mentioning this movie...did I miss it? I would love to see this movie even if it isn't being received so well.


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