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Maybe you don't know about 玉皇大帝(1).he is one of the greatest gods in Chinese curlture.And yesterday,农历正月初九(2) was his birthday.Lucky enough I was traveling in 兴城(3) there is a temple 供奉(4) 玉皇大帝.I had the honor to worship him at his birthday,with my best wishes.and I will be lucky all this year.so do you~my firends!



(1)玉皇大帝:the god in the legendry sky palace.the leader of the god in the palace.goven heaven  land sea and hell.

(2)农历正月初九:It says,there is another counting methed of date called 农历.and the first month is called 正月.and the 9th day is called 初九. 


 the 1-10 is called 初+num ,after 11 we say the number directly.

(3)a beautiful town in northeast of china.you can google it.I puted a tip on this word just want to suggest a place you can go after beijing shanghai etc.

(4)a movement in  ceremony to show the esteem of god or dead  relations.


thanks for read my article...I want to tell you more but I have limited standard of English.wish I will be better in the next time.


I will show you a picture of this tour in the next post.

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