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A Chinese Hamster

Posted by trevorb February 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

The other day my niece turned up clutching her newest birthday present.  I asked what it was and was proudly told it was a zoo zoo hamster.  Now I'd heard of these before but this time I was shown the box.  

So Zoo Zoo was actually written Zhu Zhu!  I assume therefore this is possibly a pinyin word.  If this is the case it really interested me for two reasons.

1) I have seen an awful lot of toys in Britain over the years made in china, pretty much everything!.  I have never seen one that was actually marketed with a Chinese name.

2) I've seen this ignoring of the H before in the way every one in the office pronounces ShenZhen  ( shenzen with the en's very much the en in "hen").  I don't bother to put people right and I suspect it is a well known phenomenon to Chinese speakers 

So am I right is this a Chinese product that's made it here with a chinese name and if so which "zhu" is the name representing? possibly 侏?


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