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Any good medical Chinese to English dictionaries online?

Posted by kelinsheng March 12, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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I keep coming across these characters (性味归经:) when searching for the functions of certain herbs like 地耳草.  So is there a good dictionary that people have found that has helped them?  Are there any online?  What does " 性味归经: " mean anyway? 

Certain glossaries are quite good, but I've only ever found comprehensive information in the back of some books.  So, have any of you found a dictionary that is quite comprehensive?  I've found a lot of dictionaries that only seem to be of use to Chinese speakers learning English.  Usually they are transliterations:  脱证 = abandoned/desertion syndrome.

Instead, I'm hoping that there are books, or online sources, with content like this:  脱证 = abandoned/desertion patterns: A presentation of continuous heavy sweating (called "sweating pearls"), frigid extremities, a jaw that sags, closed eyes, flaccid hands, incontinence, and a minute, thin pulse.  This is usually due to severe injury to the qi, blood, yin, and yang such that the essential qi has drained out or "abandoned" the patient.  This can be caused by wind-stroke, excessive sweating, excessive diarrhea, or a great loss of blood.  (Pg 1139, Matria Medica 3rd Edition, Bensky, et al.)

Also, has anyone discovered a good reference for plant names?  I've been looking for the latin name of 地耳草, but the sources I've found usually don't match.

So what has been your experience?  Do you have good references?  Can you find all the information you're looking for?  Is searching for lesser known herbs or TCM terms like digging for a sliver embedded under your finger nail, or is that too much of an exaggeration?

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