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Adjectives to Verbs

Posted by go_manly March 13, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

After commenting in the "Hungry Traveller: Inner Mongolia" lesson, it occured to me there is a gap in my knowledge. It is how to turn adjectives into verbs.

The example in the lesson was 'dry'. I know the word for the adjective 'dry', but I didn't know how to say the verb 'to dry'.

I am only looking for verbs that cause an object to acquire the property of the adjective. Other adjective-verb pairs that I have thought of are:

wet - to wet

long - to lengthen

short - to shorten

big - to enlarge

hot - to heat

cold - to cool

bad - to worsen

good - to improve

In English, we can often turn the adjective into the verb by prefixing it with 'get' or 'become'. For example, heavy - to become heavy. I'm not sure if there is a similar construct in Mandarin.

Is there a standard way of turning adjectives into verbs in Chinese?

Note - I am not interested in the method - so the verb associated with 'short' would not be 'cut' or 'mow'.

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