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I heard it on the street... my brain's gone!

Posted by bodawei March 23, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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If you hear something you haven't come across before bring it here!  It can be pitched at any level, we are not fussy.  

I'll start off with a condition that I know only too well.  On ChinesePod we have heard the expression 乱七八糟 luànqībāzāo (all over the place; at sixes and seven).. 

Yesterday I heard 我是雷得外僬里嫩 wo shi léi de wài jiāo li nèn.. I am not sure of the 'breakdown' but it means 'I am very tired and confused'.  嫩 nèn has a number of meanings including 'not good at something', but here it means 'tender' [edited, thanks Jason.]  

The conversation goes something like this .. (corrections are welcome):

A: 你干嘛啦? 

B: 那,最近我睡的很不好。 

A: 哦,真的不好情况。。 

B: 对对对,那,那 昨天我跟我们的朋友联系啊。。 

A: 哦,谁? 

B: 哦,。。。 我忘了。 我,我是雷得外僬里嫩。。 

A: 是么? 

B: 我是纠结的。

A: 是么?

B: 我累死了。

A: 去睡觉吧!

B. 好。  

Variations on this condition include: 

我是纠结的。。 wo shi jiūjié de  (my brain's 'gone' - literally it means that I am all mixed up with.. )  

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