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Posted by mark August 13, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

I often run into situations that go something like this:  I listen to the lesson on office supplies, think it sounds like a useful lesson, and memorize every new word in it.  Then a few months go by and I want to say something about Scott Tape in Chinese.  I remember I had a lesson on office supplies that had the word for Scott Tape in it, and charge into speaking my thought. When I get to the part where I want to say <Scott Tape> my mind goes blank and nothing comes out of my mouth for several seconds while I try to figure some other way to make my point.

My question is, are there techniques I should use to improve my long term retention of vocabulary and phrases?

<> I do find that my chances go up if there is an unrelated lesson that  also mentions  Scott  Tape.

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