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dear ..., 谢谢!(email)

Posted by goulnik August 15, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been exchanging quite a few emails in Chinese with Vera (my CPod coach) and a few friends, it's all very informal. But I'm gearing up to sending more and more emails to colleagues in Shanghai and I'd like to know what patterns people routinely use.

In English you'd start off with Dear (Ms/Mr/Dr X) / Dear (firstname) / Dear colleague(s) / Dear all, and you'd end with Sincerely yours / Best/Kind/Warm regards / Thanks / Cheers / Thx / Bye etc. from formal to very casual depending on context.

I've only found a few Chinese equivalent so far, not sure how common they are :

尊敬的(姓+位): dear (last name+position)

(名字)你好: hi (first name)

亲爱的同事们: dear colleagues

位亲爱的同事:dear all

诚挚的    sincerely
谨此致候    best regards
谢谢!  thanks

拜拜! bye 

And there's a few set phrases and abbrevations one uses, FYI, ASAP, BTW etc.

What do you use?

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