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Need help translating 'guitar' words.

Posted by xiaophil April 5, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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Do any of you know Chinese vocabulary for playing guitar (or are extra crafty and know how to find such vocabulary)?  I just bought an acoustic guitar and would like to talk about it in Chinese.  Below is a list of words I would like to know.  Some I have already translated.  I would like to know if my translations are right.  In some cases, I am confident in my translation, but I have indicated that I have further questions that I hope someone can answer.  Others I couldn't translate at all.  Hopefully, someone can help me along with those as well.

Acoustic guitar vocabulary words:

1.       acoustic guitar: 木吉他

2.       guitar neck: 吉他的琴颈(Is this the most common word?)

3.       guitar body: 木吉他的共鸣箱 (Is this the most common word?)

4.       tuner, tuning peg:  

5.       (guitar) string: 吉他弦 (is the measure word 条?)

6.       pick verb/noun:

7.       pluck:

8.       strum:

9.       (guitar) strap:吉他带

10.   out of tune: 走调,音调不准

11.   in tune:

12.   (guitar) fret:

General music vocabulary words:

13.   note: 音 (What's the measure word?)

14.   chord: 和弦 and弦 (is there a difference?)

15.   (musical) scale: 音阶

16.   major chord (e.g.  A major):

17.   minor chord (e.g. A minor):

18.   A#:  升A调 (tiao2 or diao4?)

19.   whole step: 全音 (What's the measure word?)

20.   half step: 半音 (What's the measure word?)

As always...

Thanks so much!


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