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Things I don't like about Chinesepod...

Posted by dave August 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I would like to start a discussion about things people do not like about Chinesepod (from an educational standpoint). I'm not talking about a more user friendly homepage or a strange font. 

I'm a premium member and while there are so many great things about Chinesepod, I still find myself kind of frustrated at times. My one biggest problem is the lack of a progressive system. Personally, I really like the system used by the site Chineselearonline.com and I'd love to see something similar to that here. It's quite tough for me to deal with the difficulty levels jumping around each day. 

I might be alone on this one so feel free to criticize and/or bring up your own gripes. I hope the staff at C-Pod doesn't mind this post as my aim is to help C-Pod become better rather than simply give grief. 

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