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You snooze, you loose

Posted by mark August 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I have the impression that Chinesepod staff monitor comments and questions on lessons for a day or two after the lesson comes out, and then get less responsive.  This impression has an affect on the kind of comments that I post (am able to post).  It is realatively easy to respond quickly with a comment about the lesson topic, but takes me longer to study the lesson and come up with scholarly comments and questions about fine points of the lesson.

<> My current study practice is to digest a set of lessons over about three weeks.  The interval is determined somewhat by the length of my commute.  Anyways, week 1, I listen to the lessons casually, week 2, I study the transcript, make sure I can follow the dialog word for word, and go over points I don't understand with a native speaker, week 3, I continue to listen to the lesson and play repeat-after-me with it.  Somewhere in week 2 or 3 there are often some things about the lesson that I notice I don't quite understand, but I don't usually post my questions to the blog, because I think they are now dated and not likely to be answered.

<> Is my impression correct?  If so, is it something that should change, or is it just a hint that we should develop resourses outside of Chinesepod to help with our study?  (I personally have found it tremendously helpful to my study to make friends with native speakers.  So, maybe a push out of the nest is not bad. )

<> What do you think?

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