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Printing Vocabulary List

Posted by lordstanley September 3, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Greetings. I wonder if a shortcut exists for what I am trying to accomplish.

I wish to print out my Vocabulary list, so I can have it as a hard copy mini-dictionary booklet that I can use to handily review, refresh and retain words I have studied. In version 2, back when my list was only half as long as it is now, I was able to print it out as one long file. Unless I'm missing something, can't seem to do that in version 3; I even tried using the Export function.

So as it stands now, with just over 2000 words in my Vocab list, I will have to print out 105 separate pages, each with around 20 words, printing each page separately (and choosing "page 1 of 2" only each time, as the 2nd page is essentially blank on my screen or has only a copyright notice on it). Is there a "Printable version" function for the Vocab list, similar to those of newspaper Web sites that make it easy to print out articles in a proper format? If not, I'm prepared to do it the long way, but seems like much extra time.





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