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For All The Ladies In The House - Mouth to Nose for Little Bao Bao

Posted by Lantian September 10, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

SNOTTY KIDS - Okay, I wonder if talking about really weird stuff is a good indicator of one's level of Chinese. Tonight I'm not sure if I should be proud or shocked about my conversation. 

Somehow or another the conversation got around to this little bit of trivia. In China, it's quite common that when a little baby gets a cold and the sniffles in their nose, mom will help clear it out. How you ask? A little tissue? Nope.

 A little bit of mom's mouth-to-baby's nose extraction. A mother's love they say.

Now my first reaction was shock, and a searching of my mental lexicon for the Chinese words for eye-dropper, plunger, heck I wasn't even sure what to call the little dohicky thing in English! I asserted this was how it was done in the good ol'USA. I drew pictures.

Upon reflection, however, it did seem a very practical kind of a thing. So then I thought, maybe I'm just a stupid guy and don't know anything. Don't answer that.

So my question to the ladies is, how do you get the snot out of little luv'bumpkin's nose anyhow? And maybe some dad's know too.

And Amber, Jenny, Connie, XiaXao, Aggie, I want opinions. Was someone just pulling my leg!???!! 

(I bet this post does wonders for my depressed rankings, and it blasts the heck out of Jenny's bit of fascination with all things in the commode) 

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