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Say It Right Series

Your Most Embarassing Moment (speaking Chinese)

Posted by Kyle September 18, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Just as the title says, let's humble ourselves. 

My first month in China (when I was still tone deaf), I was meeting the owner of our school (a Chinese who speaks very little English).  At that time, I still didn't know a whole lot of Chinese, but I knew enough (or thought I did) that I wanted to try and show off.

When the 服务员 came around I ordered (what I thought was) a coffee with two sugars (ka1fei1 jia1 liang3 ge1 tang2--is what I thought I said).  Actually, I had said tang1 (first tone).  You can imagine my surprise when she came back with a coffee and 2 soups.



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