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The secret of recovering lost posts

Posted by bababardwan April 16, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

哇,了不起. I just discovered a way to recover lost threads !! Such a strange journey of discovery though. I went to look for my Hanzi unicode thread about 3 hours ago and all that was there was xiao_liangs comment..nothing else.So I posted the question to hape as to whether he'd be kind enough to post the link again [no idea what happened to that].Anyhow,just now every link to this thread was broken [dunno how I got onto it this afternoon].So I thought I'd check for it in my posts and clicking on that still showed a broken link.But here's the secret my friends.I then clicked on the edit button and this should my original post.I then re-published in general conversations and not only did my original post appear ,but also all the responses.Eureka !!

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