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Where do posts to Conversations go to?

Posted by bodawei April 21, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: dashboard, conversations, china, America

I just added a comment to a Conversation.  A conversation with myself in more ways than one - first it was a post I made a couple of weeks ago and it used to appear under Conversations: bodawei. Second, this post made a couple of minutes ago appears nowhere except on the original Conversation - it does not appear on the Dashboard under Latest, and it does not appear under the Conversations tab. So I cannot even see it myself unless I scan through my old posts and remember what I called the post.  I called it China the Beautiful, totally without irony.  ;-)  

Can anybody explain this - how do I get such a post to appear on the boards.  A new post will appear but a comment on a post will not.  right?  

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