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Posted by zhenlijiang May 5, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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John, Catherine and Jenny have told us in the April 25 News & Features how the CPod team are discussing ways to make our User Groups--those Groups we users created--easily accessible so that they can keep thriving, not get lost and shrivel up. So I guess we can look forward to some changes toward a lot more user-friendliness in this area soon. 期待期待!

Meanwhile I wanted a place for us users to talk about this. Some of us have founded, or have been actively involved in some really interesting User Groups, and might like to give those a little PR--let people know they exist. Please feel free to start a thread here and do that!

I've recently suggested that the Community Rankings tab show us a list of the top ten most active User Groups instead of the top ten most frequent commenting users. I guess though it's cool to keep the yearly top 10 users contributing the most conversations. Looking back to past years, it's interesting to see those prolific users who have moved on, likewise those who have stayed on! And I guess for long-time CPoddies there's a lot of nostalgic value in those lists.
(but I still really wouldn't mind if the Weekly and Monthly rankings were done away with. the whole idea seems so 过时 to me, in this "new environment" we have now  ...)

And if we were to have a Rankings for the Most Active User Groups it should probably be more like the Top 20 or 30. Ten would be too few.

Anyway--欢迎大家来介绍介绍你们最喜欢的小组! Come up here and let us know about your favorite User Groups!

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