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How can I make progress?

Posted by caju October 2, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi -

Although Mandarin has been a strong interest of mine for about three years, I’m a brand newbie to CPod.  I have listened to many CD lessons in the past and have been able to use some basic greetings with native Mandarin speakers in my area (Philadelphia, PA, USA). Quite often, the Mandarin speaker assumes my comprehension is greater than what it is. They are usually three or four sentences into the conversation before they realize that they have left me behind. At that point, with my mind still fumbling for the meanings of their first few words, the encounter disintegrates into a few awkward utterances . . . then falls flat!

I’m on a plateau. Have you been there? . . . Have you pushed forward?

I am sure this topic has been covered before. If there is good information in these forums that covers it, please direct me there. Nevertheless, I would also like to hear some fresh perspective. How can I make the most of CPod? It seems to be a powerful tool; massive! There are well over 200 newbie lessons, these conversation forums, transcripts and games. How do I put it all together? Is there a method that anyone has stumbled upon that proved highly successful? How can I move beyond translating in my head to actually understanding, thinking and responding in Mandarin?

My goal is to eventually master this beautiful language.

-          Thanks

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