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Say It Right Series

重庆话第一棵 Chongqing dialect lesson one

Posted by dave__m May 7, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

重庆人不用说‘可以’。 他们总是用说‘yao4 dei1’。



在饭店,A:服务员 B:顾客






In Chongqing people don't say "keyi" but "yaodei" instead.

I'm not sure what characters are used, if somebody would like to let us know i would be very interested to know. Perhaps it's the same as 'keyi' (可以). 

Yao4dei1 seems to me to be used as a straight substitution for keyi. Also, on a recent trip to Chengdu I heard plenty of "yaodei yaodei yaodei" so I guess this must be standard Sichuan dialect. 

Looking forward to some feedback dudes...




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