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Consolidating CPod files in iTunes?

Posted by braymp October 9, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi all,

I have what might a weird problem. Hopefully, I can explain it properly...

I'm using iTunes for organizing my CPodcasts. I started by subscribing to a public feed from the iTunes store, and received (and kept) a bunch ofpodcasts from that. Then, when Cpod offered the personalized feed, I subscribed to that too.

Now I have two CPod feeds which are updated with much of the same material. I would just quit subscribing to the older one, but I have the old podcast files which I would like to keep. I get the the podcasts from the personalized feed, but I can't get the old ones.

What I would like to do is consolidate the files from the two feeds, and subscribe to the personalized feed only.

Is there a way to move the files from the old feed into the directory where the files from the newer feed are kept, and have iTunesrecognize the change and update its lists accordingly. Or is there something else I would have to do?


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