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Request for English word translations in the dialog rollovers for advanced lessons

Posted by mark October 10, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

The words that I don't already know in an advanced lesson are more often than not difficult to look up in a Chinese to English dictionary.  Sometimes I can find them in the new vocabulary section of the transcript, but often not.  Anyway, it would make me really happy if CPod scraped up the wherewithal to add English to the dialog rollovers for advanced lessons.  I think it would make my study time for these lessons a lot more efficient.  I'm pretty sure it would do so for other students of these lessons, as well.   Also, looking things up in a dictionary is a slow, tedious process.  Rollovers are cool and fast.

<> BTW, I don't have much use for the pinyin in the pdf transcript.  (I may be alone in this.)  I'm more used to reading 汉字 than long blocks of pinyin, and I'm kind of understanding why Chinese people don't readily understand pinyin, if I send it to them. It is also pretty easy to get from digital text to pinyin, if you need it.  So, if you have to cut something to add the English translation to the rollovers, I think the pinyin part of the transcript can go.

<> Am I a lone voice in the woods, on these points? <>

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