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Fighting over the Bill - Some character radical fun

Posted by rich October 10, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Okay, many of you probably remember how I love writing about character radicals on how I remember characters in little stories, such as I posted this past summer. Now that I am back to studying radicals in my Chinese classes here at the 愛丁堡大學(Edinburgh University) which as got me back into it, and despite the arguments...err... discussions... on if we should pay that much attention to radicals that make each character or even remember the meaning of a character by itself (Chinese view is to forget the characters and remember the whole words, such as the beginner Chinese teacher here, and I still disagree as the Western mind wants answers, but Chinese is overwhelming enough as it is, so I give to both sides of the argument), I still thought I'd post the 5 characters I pick from the lesson and how I memorize them, reminding you my disclaimer that while I take from many sources on what the radicals actually mean, I use all parts for the meaning even though a part is usually just phonetically, etc.

These are from today's lesson Intermediate, "Fighting over the Bill" Take a guess on what characters are which. Also let me know if and how you find them useful, as I am also studying how western learners learn characters, the difficulties, and how we can overcome the difficulties when it comes to reading and writing.

Fight for a Knife on a Night of a Drag Race Countdown

1) With a cloth(jīn) over the body(shī) of a knife(dāo) you both have this and can do this.

2) With good friends one does not have to say many(duō) sentences(jù) to say _______.

3) With words(yán) you can get to ten(shí) by doing this.

4) When at a traffic(jiāo) light, teenagers with vehicles(chē) like to race to ______ their hotrods.

5) The two hands(zhǎo[simplified] & shān on its left side) of two people do this to get the stick(jué) from the other.

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