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文物=dinosaur...sort of

Posted by jen_not_jenny May 28, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: electronics, computers, cell phones

So in a conversation with a Chinese friend last week we were discussing my (admittedly ancient) cell phone. It's the first phone I bought when I moved here. It's a flip phone that only ever "flipped" the first three weeks of our time together. I've dropped it, scratched it, even sat on it crooked so that the extremely sturdy little antenna tilts its little head.

My friend took a look at my poor little phone and called it a 文物wénwù, an artifact or a historical relic. I asked if you could also call it a kǒnglóng 恐龙, much as we do with old computers, cell phones, etc. in English. Nope. It's a 文物。

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