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A bath house atlas

Posted by bodawei May 28, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: Bath houses, regional differences


The bath house is an interesting part of contemporary Chinese culture and it also has links with the past.  I am talking about your conventional neighbourhood public facility for taking a shower, sometimes referred to in English as an 'economic' bath house.  A shower here may cost just a couple of RMB.  A bath house I used in Zhejiang had a stored value card system and you paid by the minute. (I am not talking here about the up-market facility that caters for the well-off business person - these can cost 100 RMB - 200 RMB for a rather different experience!)  

I am hoping that poddies can contribute photos and stories from various parts of China that may illustrate regional differences.  

NB: Discussion on another thread gave me the idea for this 'atlas' (thanks xiao_liang).  

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