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What did Chinese people used to call themselves?

Posted by xiaophil June 6, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

Tags: 中国人,汉民族,the Chinese people

I was reading how that during the Spring Autumn period, many of the kingdoms regarded the Qin kingdom as non or semi-Chinese. But surely the word they used for Chinese was neither 中国人 nor the 汉民族 as the unified empire had yet to be formed, and of course the 汉朝 had not existed yet. So what did the so-called real Chinese peoples call themselves? Furthermore, I'm curious as to when 中国人 became the common term? Was this before or after the fall of the 清朝? I don't want to be presumptuous, and I wouldn't expect it, but I suspect Changye knows the answer, 啊啊.

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