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Are there part-time and full-time work visa's in China?

Posted by xiaophil June 9, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Calling all you foreign expert certificate experts! Are there part-time and full-time work visa's in China? The reason I ask is that I might be offered a job at a new school. The thing is, they sent me an email today asking me if I currently have part-time or full-time work. I told them that my hours are quite low, and so I wouldn't call it full-time work. They then replied that according to the State Administration of Foreign Affairs, I might not qualify for the job because my current job isn't full-time, and that they would have to look into it. I don't get it. I have a contract and a foreign expert certificate. I have never heard of a person such as myself not being able to qualify for a high-school teaching job in China. Has anyone heard of the Chinese government not handing out a foreign expert certificate because the previous job wasn't full-time? Is it even technically possible to have a foreign expert certificate issued for a part-time job?

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