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Posted by bababardwan June 12, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm guessing like most poddies I've been using pinyin input editors to write hanzi. This is fine most of the time except when one is looking for a rare character under an entry like yi that can have several dozen entries to look through. One trick I've learnt is if you know a larger word that such a character may be part of ...just type that to find it which usually gives a much shorter list and then just delete the bits you don't want. But anyhow,I digress. I've decided it might be an idea to see what I can learn from other input method editors. Pinyin only deals with the phonetics but I'm interested in methods that focus more on the structure of the character. To this end I've just been reading more about cangjie which actually looks pretty simple and I've tried it briefly in an online version. Where I'm a little stuck is getting a canjie ime installed on my windows 7. Articles I've read suggest that canjie should be already available on most computers without having to download anything. I've gone into the language section of the control panel to tick the box for some other keyboards but couldn't find cangjie as an option [perhaps it was only on older versions of windows?] . I did find options like Hong Kong for example and as I've read that cangjie is a favoured method there I ticked the HK box and it is now showing up in my language bar but doesn't seem to work...it still just writes in English. Does anyone have any tips on how to get cangjie running on windows 7? I still have a vista drive I could use if it's a version issue. This post would be good to discuss who is using ime's other than pinyin input and opinions on those ime's.

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