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端午节 duan1wu3jie2 (Dragon Boat Festival)

Posted by bodawei June 14, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.


棕子zòngzi (modern style) for 端午节 duānwǔjié

水晶粽 shuǐjīngzòng (trad. triangular shaped mass of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves)

This is a modern version: 糯米 nuòmǐ (sticky rice); 淀粉 diànfěn (starch), 白砂糖 báishātáng (white sugar), 麦芽糖 màiyátáng (wheatgerm sugar), 精制大豆油 jīngzhìdàdòuyóu (refined soybean oil), 萝卜丁 luóbodīng (radish), 等等 deng deng wrapped in plastic - said to suit the modern lifestyle.  I was told that foreigners are more likely to appreciate this version.  

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