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糊弄 - "fool me" or "make do with"?

Posted by zhenlijiang June 16, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

Lilac 老师 posted this joke here, and we had a discussion as to its interpretation:


I think we understood the joke, but in the end were still unclear about what 糊弄 hùnong means here. The sense "to fool (someone)" would be logical because the object 我 follows = "fool me".
But is that all? I wondered whether 糊弄 here isn't also carrying the meaning of "making do (with some substitute)" ...

FYI this was my interpretation of the joke:
Rabbit went fishing. [He wasn't catching anything.] All day long from daybreak to dusk, he saw not so much as a ripple in the water. Then suddenly a fish leapt out of the water. It snapped at Rabbit: "Just what do you take me for?! You bait your hook with another damn carrot and I'll make stew out of you!!"

Could anyone offer us some more clarification on this 糊弄?

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