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Are 老外s more 'open' than Chinese?

Posted by xiaophil June 24, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

First of all, this post is a bit pg-13. If that kind of stuff bothers you, I do apologize for it, and perhaps you ought to consider not reading further. I will try to be discrete, though.

Anyway, ever since coming to China, from time to time I have heard Chinese people say that foreigners are too 'open'. This can have different meanings, but often it means 'cannot control one's carnal urges'. I must admit that this baffles me because I find it hypocritical. One of the things I have noticed in Shanghai and other cities is that businesses that 'cater to the needs we often feel uncomfortable talking about in polite company' are not hard to be found (although since the expo, it seems the seedier places have been pushed away in Shanghai). For example, this post is inspired by two articles I stumbled upon online today. One is about a movie about a sex toy shop in China, and the other is about a very interesting competition that was on display apparently at a mall where Children, old people, you name it, were free to gawk at it. I myself once went into a place that I thought was a perfectly legitimate barber shop only to find that nobody there knew how to cut hair. I am not lying, they called someone up on a cell phone who came over and cut my hair. Even though I am from a foreign country, I have to say that in my hometown, a barber shop is a barber shop.

Now why am I bringing this up? well, I really want to know, have any of you had similar observations in China? Do you think Chinese people are just unaware of the change that is going on? Or is it just another case where this only reflects a very, very small segment of Chinese society that just so happens to be fairly visible? And I might add, I am not trying to criticize Chinese. This is something that honestly has never made sense to me.

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