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Sharing vocab clusters

Posted by goulnik October 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

I was wondering how best to share our own vocab around and beyond the CPod lessons, as I've personally been gathering for my Practice Plan session every morning for 5 months.

I start from the dialogue and other chunks from the Conversations, add what's relevant to the topic from the Expansion, and bring in what's of specific interest to me or topics likely to be discussed in the call.  I then organize everything into clusters (on paper at this stage, using different colours), to which I will add after the call based on additional input from Vera.

This morning for instance we did Godzilla in Shanghai, so I added stuff about the movie itself, WWII 二战 (Èrzhàn), the atomic bomb 原子弹 (yuánzǐdàn), King Kong 金刚 (jīn gāng) then  9/11 九一一 (jiǔyāoyāo) and courage(ous) 勇敢 (yǒnggǎn) came up in the discussion etc.

I could obviously use lesson comments, but there's often lots more stuff there, not always relevant and can be quite lengthy. I know there's the dictionary too, but I'm somehow lacking the clustering / grouping.

What do you think?

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