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Standard transliteration

Posted by trevorb June 30, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

Okay so here is something interesting I noticed the other day. If I put my name into translate.google.com it gives me back a transliterated version of my name. If I feed those charecters back into google then they come out in English as my name..... cool but it set me to wondering if there was a standard way in which transliteration is done? The transliteration google gave me was trevor = 特雷弗 my own attempt at this had given me 特热发 or (热发) I am not ginger by the way! Now is this my English take on the sounds biasing them the wrong way? Does google use a standard way of transliterating of which I am not aware or is there a formula for phonetic use of 汉字

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