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C'mon...come off it

Posted by bababardwan July 13, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Just read an article about a legal case in which Aussie tennnis star Lleyton Hewitt took someone to court over a "c'mon" trademark. Now I certainly believe in folks intellectual property rights, but to me this seems quite a stretch.For starters "c'mon" is just such a common thing for an Aussie to say and has been around way before Lleyton.As the article below points out, it was the catchcry of cricket fans when I was growing up when they had an ad campaign that had a jingle "c'mon Aussie c'mon".Putting that aside I find it hard to think that such a simple and common two word saying could belong to just one person.Here's the article:


I wonder what the situation is with similar trademarks in China.Any similar cases?


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