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How times change in China and elsewhere

Posted by xiaophil July 30, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Recently, I have been reading about the events the led up to the victory of the Communist Party over the Nationalists.  I read a direct account from a Shanghainese woman who expressed how much admiration she had for the Communist soldiers who 60+ years ago came to Shanghai but refused to occupy the locals' homes.  They slept outside in the Winter, and their commanders endured the same food and conditions as their subordinates.  Then I just read this and this article.  How times change... not that that this was the first time I noticed a change.  I'm also not saying that this is unique to China.  I'm sure George Washington is turning in his grave about some things, but then again, he was a slave owner.

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this.  Just thought I would share.

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