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hi Jim, if you want to say ran(=past tense) then you have to add a time phrase or time clause like p.e. 昨天,上个星期,早上, 我小的时候,最近。。。Usually the context will give the appropriate meaning for RAN versus RUN.

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的 得 地

地 (de) This "de" is used to modify verbs or adjectives. The easy way to remember this one is that, unlike the other two de particles, this one always precedes the word it modifies (which is usually a verb).The pattern is:Modifier 地 (de) Verb /...

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Hi Peeps, this is on our production schedule for filming next week. So probs will be out week after next as a video Qing Wen. It's a good question and I thought it's best answered as a video. I'll keep you all posted when it's out. Fi :) 

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to really want or not to really want

I noticed that in the grammar section of "No, thank you" that it warned against using "hen3, zhen1, fei1 chang2" before the verb "yao4". But, in the dialogue the woman says, "zhen1 de bu4(2) yao4." So, I see that it is acceptable in declaring that you don't re...

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Ok. I know how to ask where a particular place is using the structure place+zai4+na3 li. I've come across another way of asking where something is using this structure na3 li+you3+object. Are these two structures interchangeable? 

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