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Difference between zhongyu and zongsuan

Awesome! thank you bababardwan

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一个问题: 好容易

谢谢,现在我明白了什么意思但是我还觉得很奇怪“好容易”和“好不容易”的意思一样。。。 我就是洋鬼子,所以我的鬼子脑袋很难接受中国特色。

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difference between 说 and 讲?

Here is a qingwen: http://chinesepod.com/lessons/talking-about-talking-in-chinese

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complements of direction

Hey guys, I'm having real problems with compliments of direction (上,下,回,进, 回来,回去, 上去,下来,过去,过来,起来, 出去,进去). Leaving aside the special uses of 起来 (to gather together, to start/burst into ...ing) which have been covered in previous QingWen, I need some help unders...

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Grammar Guide Update 6/7/10

I agree. Definitely needs some work - speaking as someone who really really needs help with grammar!

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