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同舟共济-中非合作 Advanced PREMIUM

China-Africa Cooperation

China is currently Africa's largest trading partner. Addressing the business community prior to the formal opening of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Xi said in a speech that the "China-Africa cooperation is a way to long term prosperity that brings benefits to both our peoples." We use the idiom 同舟共济 which literally means in the same boat to cross the river together; to work together to overcome hardships to describe the China Africa partnership.

中国目前是非洲最大的贸易伙伴。 在中非合作论坛正式开幕之前,习近平在致辞时说,“中非合作是实现长期繁荣的一种方式,为两国人民带来利益。” 标题用了同舟共济, 本意是坐一条船,共同渡河。比喻团结互助,同心协力,战胜困难来形容中非合作。

中國目前是非洲最大的貿易夥伴。在中非合作論壇正式開幕之前,習近平在致辭時說,“中非合作是實現長期繁榮的一種方式,為兩國人民帶來利益。” 標題用了同舟共濟, 本意是坐一條船,共同渡河。比喻團結互助,同心協力,戰勝困難來形容中非合作。

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Zeng, Tamia
economy, Africa, China, project, politics

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