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巴西国博失火 Media PREMIUM

Brazil's Museum Fire: 200 Years of Work Lost For over 200 years, Brazil's National Museum—stood as the country's oldest and most important safeguard for its heritage. But on September 2, a massive fire broke out at the museum, torching almost 90 percent of the museum's 20 million artifacts and exhibits. Many agreed that what was lost are irreplaceable to science, as well as the country’s national memory. The idiom 付之一炬 describes to use fire to burn and cause destruction. 200多年来,巴西国家博物馆一直是该国历史最悠久,最重要的保护区。 但是在9月2日,博物馆爆发了一场大火,摧毁了博物馆2000万件文物和展品的近90%。 许多人一致认为,失去的东西对科学和国家的民族记忆都是不可替代的。付之一炬是指给它一把火烧光,指用火烧毁。 We also attached the article in the Practice section.

Zeng, Tamia
news, current events, Brazil, fire, disaster

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