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When did Taiwan come under Chinese rule?

Posted by xiaophil August 9, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Now let me first say that I am NOT trying to argue one way or the other as to how much legitimacy there is to mainland China's claim to Taiwan.  I simply don't want to go there, and I am sure CPod doesn't want us to either, so please let's not take it there. 

That said, I would like to have some points clarified.  When did Taiwan first have anything that could remotely be called a Chinese government ruling it?  I have been reading a history of China from the view of the PRC, and it says this: "Taiwan has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times."  But at the same time, if one looks at the wikipedia article, it seems to indicate that the first Chinese government wasn't formed until Koxinga established the Kingdom of Tungning in 1662, and Taiwan didn't fall under the Qing dynasty's rule until 1683. 

So what I am getting at is, what exactly does the PRC mean by "inseparable part of China since ancent times"?

A) There were other Chinese settlements there long before the Kingdom of Tungning.

B) Han Chinese 'might' have known of its existence since the Three Kingdoms period, and since no other strong centralized government claimed it, it would naturally fall under China's territory.

C) The Chinese concept of ancient is different then Westerners.  400ish years ago would be considered ancient to the typical Chinese person.  (I have heard some Chinese call things only 150 years old or so 'ancient.')

D) None of the above (and probably best to leave it at that, if you get my drift).

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