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ChinesePod Turns Five!

Posted by suxiaoya August 12, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

ChinesePod Turns Five!

On Sunday 5th September, it will be a full five years since the first ChinesePod podcast was published. Hooray!

Back in the earliest days, we were just five people, namely Jenny, Ken, one sound engineer, and a couple of tech staff. The studio was half of the size it is now, and it usually smelt like lunch.

Five years and hundreds of lessons later, we're all grown-up (the studios still smell like lunch though), and it's time to celebrate!

Celebratory Fun

Amongst other celebrations, we are planning to put together a little anniversary montage to showcase the people who have made ChinesePod what it is today; that is, our loyal users plus past and present members of the team.

Send Us Your Stories!
For this montage to work, we are calling on YOU to send us your ChinesePod stories and birthday messages in video, audio, text and/or photo form (even if that's a five-second unscripted video you shoot on your phone!)

Suggestions for your message content:
§ How far have you come with your studies since subscribing?
§ What does ChinesePod mean to you?
§ Share your funny or inspirational stories about learning Chinese
§ Share your funny or inspirational stories about using ChinesePod
§ What's your all-time favourite ChinesePod lesson?
§ "Happy Birthday!" (learn how to say Happy Birthday in Chinese here).

We encourage you use as much Chinese as you can in your messages! Let us see/hear all the Mandarin you have picked-up on ChinesePod over the years!

To get involved, please email us with your ChinesePod stories before Friday, 27th August. Video, photos, MP3 recordings or written accounts are all welcome.

Email: sarah.edson@chinesepod.com

We'll be giving away one of these awesome "smartpens" to the most creative or most entertaining message, so get cracking on your message without delay.
Note: we reserve the right to judge this completely subjectively!


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