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One week to go!

Posted by xiao_liang October 18, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I fly to China on Friday, very exciting! Racing around work like a nutter trying to finish everything off, and trying to get ready in between. Schedule looks like this:

Friday 22nd - Fly to Hong Kong

Sat 23rd - arrive, change into suit, get bus to Guangzhou, attempt to seem like suitable choice to girlfriend parents

Sun 24th - meet entire family. Attempt not to embarrass myself. Have everyone stare at my enormous nose.

Mon 25th - be taken around site of forthcoming asian olympics

Tue-wed - be shown the marvels of guangzhou...

Thurs - girlfriend's birthday!

Fri 29th - fly to Shanghai. Be forced to go to the expo, because apparently they're throwing tickets at government employees, in order to get more visitors through the gates than the Japanese Expo did...

Sat 30th - Explore Shanghai. Bullet Train to Nanjing - stay with grandma.

Sun 31st - meet the entire other half of the family. Repeat big nose staring exercise. Smile nicely at everyone.

Monday -Tuesday - explore Nanjing, then back to guangzhou

Wed - bus to Hong Kong, stay with uncle

Thur - stay with friend

Fri - get up super early, go to airport. Arrive in England. Die of exhaustion.

Can't wait! Still can't speak Chinese for toffee, but I'm sure we'll muddle through. The only problem is that since we're being forced (literally!) to go to the sodding expo (and on one of the final days too, which means it will be so packed it's ludicrous!), we might not get a chance to go to the Chinesepod offices, which was the whole point of going to Shanghai in the first place!  Don't suppose you fancy opening on a Saturday? :-)

Anyway, any last minute tips, tricks, recommendations? Lay 'em on me, Cpod massive! Not sure when we'll have Internet access, but I shall keep a journal on my ipod and a metric ton of photos and spam the hell out of you when I can!

edit: will the post show up this time? :)



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