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Happy Birthday 朱琦!!

Posted by rich November 13, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

生日快乐Jenny Zhu!  I know you're birthday is around here somewhere, most likely in 2  or 3 days if I remember correctly? 

Just thought I would send my 祝贺 (congradulations/blessings) now since I send to very very spotty on when I visit ChinesePod.com these days.  I doubt you will get as much publicity this year as you did last year on the Saturday Show and Word On the Street...I still remember shoveling the snow off my parents' driveway back in the States that day and listening to my MP3 player and learning it was your birthday.  Arik even made it "the Jenny Show" that day.  I still remember how Arik soooo politely asked if he could reveal Jenny's age on the air, and Jenny, like a good Eastern person does, says "Sure! I own those year!"  So I guess I'll allowed to say Happy 25岁 birthday Jenny!  I sure seen you have so much success this last year, from joining a radio show to going to Florida!  And I do thank you for the privilege of meeting you this past year!

I also just want to put you in the spotlight and make sure others in our community here remember your birthday early, and that you get a special day again at ChinesePod...maybe even a "Dear Jenny" on "Dear Amber" :)  You deserve it! :)







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