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Job Shopping in Modern China

Posted by flibberdie November 15, 2010 in the Group Transcripts with Tal .


My name is Patti and I'm going to try add to the impressive amount of transcription work by this group, beginning with the Upper Intermediate lesson, Job Shopping in Modern China.  UI level is a stretch for me, and this is the first UI lesson I've transcribed so it needs a lot of help and I am eager to read any comments you may offer.

I want to warn people about a couple of things: one, I tend to use punctuation that is certainly non-standard; I break sentences up more than they should be broken up, mainly to help my reading and comprehension. Secondly, I don't think I know the difference between 那  and  呢.

I wish, (and you may, too) that my transcripts looked neater and had better time markers. I'll work on that and am happy to hear your suggestions.  For this one, if a sentence has a trouble area, a time marker precedes the speaker's initials. The trouble area is colored red.

My transcripts start with the dialogue, even though the podcast doesn't. It's just my way of warming up for the content to come.

I published this on zoho and you can find it here: http://writer.zoho.com/public/flibberdie/job-shopping-in-modern-china

I've never used zoho, or googledocs, so there's a learning curve ahead for me there, as well. I'll also try an paste the content as a reply to this post.


Update:  Thank you, zhenlijiang, and Helen Cao, for helping me with corrections to this transcript. I learned a great deal working on this. So many of the words I couldn't get turned out to be small and very familiar ones!  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get the final version put together; I discovered that editing it on zoho docs was excessively frustrating and I ended up just pasting it there from MSWord. If you would like to have a look at the transcript you can find it here: Job Shopping in Modern China.

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