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The culture of the Chinese university

Posted by bodawei November 17, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Working at a Chinese university I am frequently reminded of the foreign perceptions - it seems to be well known that:

- plagiarism is rife

- students often cheat in exams (and even if they don't, everyone gets a pass)

- students are only interested in making money (the majority are doing commerce)

- the academic standards are way below those in the West.  

I'd like to invite some discussion about this.  I will open with an observation that there is another Chinese university culture out there.     

Yesterday I was approached to attend an event celebrating 'Philosophy Day' - a series of events held over a fortnight.  Tonight's topic: 

无头女人幻觉: 现象与论证 - 讲座人: 周师,副教授,博士。* 

It seems that not everyone is doing commerce.  And I wonder if there is the same debate we have in the West about the taxpayers money being spent on frivolous research?   

Many of our poddies work in Chinese universities and other educational institutions - I hope you will join in with comments.  

* Puzzled by this, even after consulting my dictionary, I asked an English major if they could perhaps explain in simple terms what is going on tonight.  They read it carefully and then said to me .."I have no idea."   

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